Monday, June 7, 2010

New Link

that is the official link to stalk me

Finished product

Ergon backpack model something or the other.  It has my first aid kit, flash lights, bladder, spare bladder, maps and cue sheets, and whatever food I can fit in there.
Imagine a map case with a cue sheet in the middle.  Henry the Big Green Engine front and center, two computers, one on the rear and one on the front, and a bear bell.
Epic Designs Alaska handlebar harness and bag.  20L event waterproof bag.

the most important thing is on top.  Toilet paper.
2 tubes(same from last year), multitool, tire levers, 8mm box end wrench, swiss army knife, patch kit(need to get new one), spare valves, grease fitting for the pedals, bleach, hand sanitizer, head lamp, toilet paper and wipes, brake pads, chamois butter, spare derailleur hanger, sun block, and zip ties(not pictures).

Sleeping pad(from shipping the bike back last year), long sleeve shirt, the sleeping bag liner is in the saddle bag now, shoe covers, kiffiyeh, leg warmers, tent steaks, tent pump, and I ditched the neck gaiter.

Oil change times two

As I was changing the oil in my truck, the oil change kit for the Rohloff showed up.
Waiting on it to finish draining right now.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mohican 100 and 62

The Mohican race was super muddy.  Not as muddy as the HOT in October.  Fortunately the mud wasn't as bad, but man it was everywhere. I'm lucky I did not break or wear anything out besides the brake pads.

At the 3rd sag station, I switched to the 62 mile race.  I'm glad they let me do that.  I've quit enough races this year.  In all honesty I should have signed up for the 62 from the get-go. 

The last gear photos and write up are coming.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Worried? No. Excited? Yes!

Ok I'm a little worried.
My Rohloff leaked a bit of oil, not sure how much.  I left it on it's side for some time(sealing with Stans).  Stuff happens.  Supposedly you only need 12ml of the 25ml that I put in there.  Hopefully there is enough left.
I did just order(3rd try) some oil and paid through the nose for shipping.  Hopefully they actually have it in stock.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frame Bag and Saddle Bag

All bags are from Epic Designs Alaska
Mountain Standard Saddle bag for the Thudbuster LT
My sleep system(minus the pad) and the tent are in here.  I learned last year it's a pain to get things in and out of the saddle bag.  This year it holds my sleep system(minus pad), and the tent.

License tag as extra protection.  I found it on the Foothills Parkway last year.

Nemo Gogo tent, Golite Ultra 20 quilt, and a sleeping bag liner in the waterproof bag.

Custom frame bag from Epic Designs Alaska.  Beefed up by Eric after the 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth.
It will hold semi frequently needed gear.

O2 jacket, Hat, gloves, lube, tent pole for rear of tent, spare spokes, pump.  The dr Bronners has been moved to the toiletries bag.  The rest of the bag will be for food.