Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back to Bikepacking

I'm getting ready to do the Allegheny Mountains Loop as an ITT on the 12th....or possibly the 13th.  The start and finish is in Blacksburg VA, which is about 3 hours from here.  I figure I can wake up super early and drive up there and start at 5 or possibly 6am.

This will be the lightest setup I've had ever.  The AML is mostly roads, rail beds, and some gravel.  I don't intend on sleeping, but I have some sleeping gear just in case.  The weather shows lows of the 40s right now, and I may remove some of the warm gear the day of. Food should be plenty along the course as should water.

Belt and Suspenders
This is only the second time I've used my GPS to follow a course. I may have all this wrong; but the Edge will beep at me if I'm off course and the GPSMap 60csx has better battery life.  Now if I knew how to make the GPSMap beep at me for going off course I'd just bring that.  This is all too complicated; I'd rather have paper.

Hopefully I won't spend the whole entire time staring down at my GPS; missing everything around me.  I like the cues and computer because all you have to do is look down once for the cue; and then again when you are near the turn(or earlier to work out when you'll turn) and then at the turn. After days of riding you can generally work out your speed w/out looking at the computer and just time your glaces at the cue before you get to the turn. I'm not really sure you can program the GPS to beep at each turn for these off road/trail situations.

Cue or GPS; I'm excited about getting out there; it's been too long.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Harper Huddle

Cycling soon!
April 11th 8lbs 3oz
Life is changing, but hopefully I'll be more focused on my training with the limited amount of time I have.