Friday, September 16, 2011

New T(ys)ools!

Cycle Sport and Tri in Loveland went out of business and my brother raided the place.  We missed out on the work stand though because Al ran out of money.
Park TS-2 work stand(gotta check if it's centered
Park spoke wrenches
Park WAG-5 dish tool
Park TM-1 tensiometer
Wheelsmith tensiometer(gotta get that adjust/repaired)
Park TW-6 torque wrench
Park CRS-1 crown race setter
Park RT-2 headcup remover
Park HHP-2 bearing press

Damn near a full shop.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

TNGA was a bust

Lots of rain due to the tropical depression, but it was fun to catch up with Dave Tremblay, Cricket Butler, Ray Porter, and make new friends.  I think I'll go back and finish the second half as a lazy bike packing trip during the next holiday.

A nice fancy post with some good news coming up.....when I'm not feeling lazy.