Thursday, March 26, 2009

update from work(during lunch break!)

I'm at work doing planning on my first decent lunch break in weeks!
I just realized, that I could scan the queue sheets off the maps and blow them up! instead of typing them out. On the other hand typing them up allows me to add the updates(plus), but more importantly I can change the wording to something that's easier to understand.

My frame bag and other equipment from Epic Designs should be in for the Cohutta 100. I plan on only stopping at every other Sag station. I think that will be a good shakedown ride.

In other news. I have a job interview. Not sure if I'll get the job, but I'll have a big decision ahead of me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2nd Job and a Job Interview

I have Tuesday's off for this month and next month. My employer has been hit by the "economic downturn"(read we make car parts), so I can only work 32hrs per week. I guess I drew the short straw and was given Tuesdays off. I have made the most of it though, used the time to plan for the GDR, study computer stuff, job hunt, and defiantly mountain bike. I contemplated a second job, but finding one that is worthwhile and only on Tuesday is pretty damn hard. Until today.

Starting in April I'll be working at TVB on Tuesdays. I will not be paid much, but it's about the experience and the "pro deals".

I did get a call from Duke Energy in Charlotte NC. They want to interview me. I'll go for the interview, but who know what I'll do if they offer me a job.

We'll see.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wool Stinks and other brain droppings

I don’t care what people say, wool sticks, and moisture wicking is marketing BS!
Both my wool shirts(new) smell bad, like baby poop so I am told. I’m not sure if that’s better than the funk my poly shirt had during the AT though.

I finished the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial yesterday in 4:01:and some change. Much better than my 4:24, but not the 3:59 I was hoping for. It was still a big success, I did not cramp as much, and did not hike-a-bike as much either. I paced myself and had plenty of fluids and fuel. I almost hand a mechanical when I lost a chainring bolt on my granny, but I was fortunate to make it to the halfway point and tighten the rest before they all came loose. Thread locker will solve that problem.

I'll be buying some new chainring bolts a saddle, and I guess a new chain. I need to find out if the Shimano thumb shifters will fit my handlebars, they have a smaller inner diameter than regular road bars, I assume. I want to run the setup I have on my commuter for the GDR, and I would like to try it out at the Cohutta 100 . Hopefully by then I'll also have my frame bag, and I'll try to avoid the sag stations.

I just learned "the rule of thirds" and finally realized that's why my camera(canon s80) had those grid lines.