Thursday, March 29, 2012

K. Bedford Cross Bike

I need to adjust the saddle height and whatnot(and I guess replace it with a black post). And I need to adjust the grips and wrap the bars. I've put a few miles on the road and on grass with it. It's pretty nice. My major complaint is that the brakes aren't that great; real squishy. It might be from the cable housing, how I set them up, or maybe I'm just spoiled by hydraulics.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Death Barf

Well my Frame from Kelly Bedford came in, but unfortunately the chainstays interfered with the crank arms so I had to ship it back.  Hopefully that will get squared away shortly.

The Death March was a bust for me. I woke up Saturday and threw up.  I haven't had a solid meal for several days now; not a fun way to lose weight.

The men's teams took 16,17,18, and 20. I'd like to think Jeff and I would have filled in the 19th slot easily. It sucks I had to miss out on the teamwork and fun.

Heather and Sherrie DNF'd because they didn't get to Lutes I believe.

Jeni and Darren got 6th and Ted and Katie got 20th(her first race!).

Good job to all. 

This guy's name better be Jake Podium; otherwise he's a schmuck