Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Can you see me now?

I've been using a set of Dinotte lights for seven years now, and I've been quite happy with them. Time marches on and technology gets smaller, better, and cheaper. I think I spent $700 for my head light and tailight(including batteries and charger). The headlight is rated for 600Lumes and has 3 leds. Several years ago I added another 600L and a 200L. I keep the 200L on blinking, day and night, and the 600Ls only come on at night and a cycle the brightness as needed. My biggest complaint are the batteries, they're a little bulky. Everything else is fantastic. The lights are well built, and the handlebar mounts are bombproof. The support from the manufacturer has been superb as well. 

LEDs have gotten brighter and smaller, and I've gotten annoyed with the batteries. It's a big production to remove all the lights and batteries from my bike when I arrive at work, and put them all back when I leave.  I did some digging and came across the Fenix BC30. I like Fenix, I have two of their flashlights on my helmet right now. The reviews are all good, I'll leave the reading of those reviews up to the reader.

Below are some comparrison shots. All shots are at f/3.3, 5sec exposure, ISO80, and about 5ft 10in high.
dual 600L from about 30 ft away, the pea plants are about 30 ft way from the front of the bike

dual 600L peas about 30 ft away, and the fence about 40 or so.

same shot with the Fenix BC30
 Same shot again with the BC30 in instant burst mode, this mode is availabe by a remote switch and can be activated even when the light is off. I plan on using it when approaching intersections so that any cars don't have an excuse to miss seeing me. I DO NOT want to blind anyone, that won't help at all.

Same shot from the beginning

I do have a few minor complaints. The buttons on the Dinotte were perfectly placed on the back, and easy to reach while riding. One button would cycle through the modes, and one would turn it off/on when held, or instantly go back to the brightest mode if pressed. On the Fenix there is only one button and it's not as easily accessible, it's on the top and near the front. The last complaint is the brightness selections. it jumps from 1200, 500, 200, and 100. I think the jump from 1200 to 500 is a bit much. 1200, 700, 500, 200 would be better I think.

I'm excited about the light though, it'll make riding home much safer, and I look forward to using it on the trails too.