Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2nd Job and a Job Interview

I have Tuesday's off for this month and next month. My employer has been hit by the "economic downturn"(read we make car parts), so I can only work 32hrs per week. I guess I drew the short straw and was given Tuesdays off. I have made the most of it though, used the time to plan for the GDR, study computer stuff, job hunt, and defiantly mountain bike. I contemplated a second job, but finding one that is worthwhile and only on Tuesday is pretty damn hard. Until today.

Starting in April I'll be working at TVB on Tuesdays. I will not be paid much, but it's about the experience and the "pro deals".

I did get a call from Duke Energy in Charlotte NC. They want to interview me. I'll go for the interview, but who know what I'll do if they offer me a job.

We'll see.

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