Monday, June 8, 2009

Flying out tomorrow

This might be my last post for a while, but I bet there will be a computer at the hostel in Canada.
Anyway. My bike is still in customs. I should have took it with me on the plain, but I thought that would be more expensive and increase the damage risk. I think I've spent a little more than 200 to ship it, but lots of time worrying and faxing stuff. Worse case scenario: I'll have to pay taxes on the bike, slightly worse, I'll have to take a cab all the way round the airport to pick it up and assemble it myself. The last option is that I'll sign for it on Tuesday and then ship it Wednesday to the bike shop. That would be absurd though since the bike shop is down the road.
Anyway, I'll at least have time to take it to the shop and have them slap on a new bottom bracket.

I think I've taken care of all the nonsense I needed for moving in. Fortunately my neighbor is cool and will look after my place. I've mailed a spare tire to Steamboat Springs, that's about half way. Not sure if that's too soon or too late.

I will have a SPOT GPS thing, and the leader board will be here.
I will also have a call in number for when I get to town. That will be my primary communication method. The calls will be short(<2mins) and will just let everyone know where I am and how I'm doing. They will be at MTBCast. There is a guy who is doing an Individual Time Trial from Mexico right now who has called in a few times.
A few of you are on my personal call rotation. I'm not quite sure I'll be able to keep that up. I still need to make a schedule for that. If I do stop, please don't be offended; I'm probably just out of breath.

Last on the list is to schedule a cab ride to the airport. Good thing I picked at 6:50am flight.

Oh yeah. I spoke with Beat Box for the first time in ages. He just finished his bike trip around Colorado and Utah. Next up for him is a trip to/in South America.

That's it.

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