Saturday, April 10, 2010

What, Me Worry?

That's right people, step right into the wide world of neurosis.
I am worried about my knees and thighs.  They ache right now and I think my IT band is a little wonky.  The left knee hurts a bit too.  I'll have to stop riding, but then I'll be out of shape(running!=option).  So I have to wither away, and maybe even miss the Cohutta 100.
I am also worried about my bike(in two ways).
1. it will be damaged on the flight to Canada.  I have a lay over in Texas, and I'm worried on either leg they could load it the wrong way up.
2. there was some damage to my bike from my feet rubbing.  It's on the fancy carbon fiber.  Some of it wore off amazingly enough(or not).  Well one shop said that it's not covered by warranty(understood), and the guy said it was worn paper thin; to my surprise.  It's not that bad, but it's still something to be concerned(needlessly?) about.  I did measure it though, about 2 millimeters was worn off.  To some people that's a lot(lots of people are touchy about carbon), to me that's not much.  But I am about to put 3000+ miles on it(cohutta 100, mohican 100, TD, plus training etc).  Hopefully Jaques can patch it for me.

Ok well now that I've typed all that, it doesn't seem too bad.

There is always beer and duct tape!


TonyO said...

Come on. Trail Running=Good Option. ICK/Haw/Concord/N.Boundary/Anywhere in the smokies=lots of fun around here. I'm sure you have fun stuff up there too. -- Your former fellow associate Tony O from Denso

TonyO said...

Oh, but agreed on the beer. And duct tape. Maybe the combo is a bit iffy...

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