Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well it's good enough for this weekend's race the Sub 9 Death March. Rouge Racing Project(my new team) is something like 27% of the participants, and there are wagers galore.
To Do:
Put real stans tape on the rear. Electrical tape != Stans tape
Cut brake hoses
Shorten steerer tube
Adjust saddle position
Re-tension and true wheels
Buy new grips
Buy new handlebar
Install aero bars either on new handle bars with spacers or on the Fred Bar

It all went together quickly after I had the Rohloff cables sorted out. They are much easier to do the second time than the first. Rohloff needs to have a poster of the cable instructions so it can been seen at a glance instead of having to hold open a small manual.
The headset and spacers don't quite match the stem. I wanted to have a silver stem, seatpost and collar, but the stem does not come in silver so I had to settle for black. I'll replace the headset, spacers, and BB with a black one after the TD.
It finally stopped raining and I took it out for a spin around the shop. It rides like a dream, no issues at all.

28 pounds for a Rohloff 29er! That is how much my 26er weighed. The frames weigh about the same, I think the weight savings is in the crank, fork, belt, seatpost and rims. Everything else is about the same.

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Nathan Jones said...

I will be straight gawking on this in banff, see you there!

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