Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to ride 100 miles indoors

Prerequisites: have no life
The goal is to fight boredom.
I used to have to watch Japanese cartoons(I was into that in college but not anymore), since they had something to watch, listen to, and read.  I need all that to keep my mind active and to keep from getting bored.
This time around I wound up watching science and space shows from the BBC.

You'll need a few things.
Computer(or media player of some sort)
loud speakers
something to hold the remotes(a ladder works well)
food(scooby snacks in this photo)
bike and trainer

I broke it down to 5 hours with a break between each hour, and a nap after 3. It was not that boring or hard. Much easier and quicker than the first time I did it.

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