Friday, June 10, 2011

June 24th ITT

I will be ITT'ng the Tour Divide on June 24th 6am sharp(ish).
A few weeks ago Cricket and I looked over the maps and figured out where most of the reroutes would be. We both decided that it would not be the race we wanted.
Cricket has the flexibility to delay her start by three weeks. I was fortunate enough to delay mine by two weeks. That should give the snow ample time to melt, and the trails to dry out. I'm anticipating similar conditions to last year.

It is weird not being there at the YWCA for the start this year. I have missed the opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones.
I will defiantly miss riding with Cricket.

But I will now have the opportunity to challenge the GC, even if there is a forest fire(unless it's super dangerous).

I think the hardest part of doing an ITT is the solitude, I will have no one to talk to for weeks essentially.
I might go crazy.
or crazier.


Sherri said...

oh wow! have fun
crazier possible? ;)

Unknown said...


Good luck out there. I will be watching. I am particularly interested in how the new bike does namely the belt drive. Keep it real!


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