Thursday, March 29, 2012

K. Bedford Cross Bike

I need to adjust the saddle height and whatnot(and I guess replace it with a black post). And I need to adjust the grips and wrap the bars. I've put a few miles on the road and on grass with it. It's pretty nice. My major complaint is that the brakes aren't that great; real squishy. It might be from the cable housing, how I set them up, or maybe I'm just spoiled by hydraulics.  


JeffC said...

spoiled by hydro's...believe me.

streamers make me fast said...

What Jeff said. After riding Barry Roubaix and all of Michigan on my CX last weekend, I tapped the brakes on my road bike Tuesday night and almost flew over the handlebars. CX brakes are way softer than road or mtb.

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