Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long overdue cyclocross update

Race #3 in the series at Boone was kind of a bust. It was a fun course and had a great spectator section.
unfortunately I was lapped about 100 ft from the finish.
Race #4 was in Salisbury(not the steak), and was a little better. I didn't get lapped but I was at the back of the pack. It was a little bit technical which was fun.

I missed a few other races because I was busy doing this:
Race #5 was in Statesville.  This was much worse. I'm not listed as DFL, but I didn't see a single person behind me. I made a rookie mistake and lowered my tire pressure just before the start. I had to take it super slow around every corner to avoid rolling a bead; eventually I was lapped on my 2nd lap(the lead's first). Only 4 people in Cat 3 lapped me the others were from the 35+ who started 1 minute before us...small consolation.

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