Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Icycle 2009

I competed in my first sport class race this past weekend. It was a blast!
The race was the Icycle at Fontana Village NC. The trail was fast and had just the right amount of climbs. The biggest slow down for me were the grassy field sections, they were half frozen and just bogged down as soon as I rolled onto them.
I was pretty damn happy when I started out in fourth, unfortunately that did not last. I fell over and was passed, and before that I started running out of steam. I am proud to say I did not "hike-a-bike". That's about all I can claim, anyway I finished in 8th. Not too shabby.
Kaitlyn, another rider for TVB finished 2nd in Beginner womens; It was her first race too. Great job!
After that I watched Scott and Drew race single speed. And I made some new friends.

Sunday I spun for 2 hours in my trainer. My legs were still sore on Monday. I overslept on Tuesday, but I got early today to spin.

Saturday is the Snake, my first long(relativly speaking) distance race at 34 miles. Hopefully I can keep a good pace.
I will probably skip out on the next Knoxiecross that Sunday. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to spin for 3 hours on Sunday. My plan is to keep building up each week.

The job hunt continues.......

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