Monday, February 9, 2009

Snake Creek Gap 2009

I competed in the 34 mile race at Snake Creek Gap.

I am very happy that I finished. The last seven miles were killer.

Snake Creek Gap is a time trial series outside Dalton Ga. There is a 17 mile time trial and a 34 mile. I recommend that anyone who wants to do a 17 mile time trial, sign up for the 34 and quit halfway. The last 17 miles were the hardest. Started off with a steep climb then a good bit of double track, and finally and ridge run full of rocks and another steep climb. I was very frustrated with the last seven miles. My legs were cramping, I was hungry and I ran out of water with two miles to go. I'm ashamed to say I had to hike-a-bike, but it beats quiting.

I learned a good bit about how to eat, and what I can eat while riding. Defiantly newton, and other breakfast bars, soft and easy to digest. I only drank water, but I'm pretty sure some sort of drink mix would have giving me some more energy.

Next month I think I'll mount my thudbuster, and maybe I'll have some bags from Epic Designs to test out. I think I'll mount my commuter bars and aero bars as well.

I missed competing in the weekend's Knoxiecross but I got quite a few photos of the TVB team.

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