Monday, December 28, 2009

Tent Aquired

I used a bivy in 09 which was light and fine, but worried me when it rained. Also it didn't breath real well. Around 7am my down bag would be wet from my own sweat, which makes breaking camp easy, but uncomfortable. The fancy Laser Competition is too much tent and too much money. I needed a good compromise between ease of setup and protection(from myself).
Enter the Nemo Gogo.
Almost perfect; just a little on the heavy side.
I heard about it from Gnat Likes
Fortunatly Nemo is having a garage sale and I snagged the last 09 model from 125. I can't beat that.
I know it's a little heavy, and I'm trying to lighten up for 2010, but it's all about compromises. If it's easy to setup and provides adequate shelter then I will be encouraged to sleep outside more. That should translate to riding longer each day(not to mention saving money).

It's nice and snowy today. Hopefully the ground will freeze over and I can go biking tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in 2010, enjoyed following your 09 race
I know it's to late for you but have you seen this:

looks sort of like a US version of the Laser for about 1/2 the cost -- I am seriously thinking about this one

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