Monday, May 10, 2010

Carbon Repair

This turned out to be easier than I thought.  Especially with the skilled hands of Jaques.

Step 1: prep the surface, my little scratches with 600 grit paper were not enough. Jaques took it down to the first layer of carbon
Step 2: clean with acetone
Step 3: cut carbon, dacron, vacuum bag, and felt stuff.
Step 3: mix epoxy
Step 4: paint a bit onto the frame
Step 5: paint into the carbon fiber following the grain, not too much not too little
Step 6: fold over aluminum foil and cut the carbon fiber to fit the frame
Step 7: roll onto frame(no pictures because I was helping)
Step 8: roll on dacron
Step 9: roll on vacuum bag

Step 10: roll on felt

Step 11: wrap tightly with electrical tape
Step 12: let cure for at least 8 hours under heat prefered.

This past weekend I did the otherside myself, in order to stiff it up in relation to the drive side.
Hopefully it all holds up.

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