Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why I do it

I was asked why I was going back to the Tour Divide for the third time, the best answer I could give was "why not".

I just went through all my TD photos today. Each one elicits a flood of emotions. I can look at each photo and tell you how I felt that day, what song was going through my head, what I was thinking, what body part ached, and what I smelled.
I couldn't all of that into words though(and not for a lack of writing skills).

To many of you these photos are just miles and miles of endless roads.
To me they represent hard earned memories.


Groundshine said...

Remember the TNGA? I am thinking I want to either do it again or at least ride the part we missed. Might be good training for you... Interested?

Very tempting to do TD'12... but not sure if my brain has recovered enough to go back. Just read the Billman story... some fun times -but clearly a good ass-kicking every day.

Louie said...

These are absolutely stunning images.

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