Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to destroy a chamois

The top is the chamois turned inside out. I'm not sure how I ripped it but I did.
The green pads came unglued after <20 a="a" all="all" and="and" around="around" back="back" black="black" br="br" came="came" champ-sys="champ-sys" days="days" didn="didn" floated="floated" folded="folded" give="give" i="i" if="if" inside.="inside." it="it" just="just" last="last" lasts.="lasts." ll="ll" me="me" nbsp="nbsp" new="new" over.="over." pad="pad" pair.="pair." probably="probably" see="see" sew="sew" somehow="somehow" t="t" the="the" together="together" unglued="unglued" week="week">

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