Sunday, April 5, 2009

I placed third!

from last :(
I did the Serc #3 race at Tsali today.
I decided to do a little food experiment in prep for the GDR. I'm blaming that for my upset stomach at the beginning of the race. I made a pound of "buttery goodness" and brought with me maybe a table spoon or two to eat as a pre race snack(I did have a healthy breakfast, bagels, cereal etc). About 3 minutes into the race I felt like puking and had to let the whole crowd pass me right before the single track. Fortunately I changed my 'tude and decided to just enjoy the race. Shortly after that I got a huge glob of mud in my eye, sunglasses just don't protect from everything. Later on I wound up going off trail for a bit and cut up my leg in some briars, which was a little bloody and raised my spirits!

I plan on spending some time in the trainer this week, and hopefully doing a 100mile ride to Clingman's dome and back. Then interview on Monday.

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