Sunday, April 26, 2009

Semi-self supported Cohutta 100 super shakedown

Say that 5 times fast.

I decided to do the Cohutta 100 without depending on the sag stations for everything. I only used them for water, for the most part. I used the 3rd station to pick up a bagel w/peanut butter.
I borrowed some handle bars from Drew, and some used bar ends. I strapped my aero bars to them and felt pretty damn unique. I think I need to get a shorter stem with a higher rise.
I loaded the frame bag and my gas tank with plent of clif bars, cereal bars, some nuts, and way to many scoops of the sustained energy and I had two tubes(just incase stans fails), surly singlerator, multitool, c02, pump, and tire levers.

I did not eat as much as I carried, or use up all the powder. It was good to know I had more than enough. The sustained energy works well, but tastes like ramen water, which isn't all that bad, but on the other hand....

The race was great! Beautiful views and weather. At the 60 mile mark I started losing some energy, but I didn't feel like bonking, nor did I really want to eat. I'm sure I could keep the food down, but I just didn't feel like eating, nor did I fell like I was out of energy. I think I was just wore down. My legs ached a bit, back hurt a little less, and most of all I was just tired. I thought about quiting at the 80 mile mark, but I'm so glad I didn't. I finished at around 11hrs, with about 1hr of breaks. I'm not ashamed to admit that I did hike-a-bike. I felt it was a good way to relieve stress on my knees and rest some muscles.

I think I've got some work cut out for me, but It's still doable.

Also, I have a new job! I'll start in July in Cincinnati!

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