Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The Howards have given me a mascot for the race.  It is Henry the Green Engine from the Thomas the Tank Engine show/books.  Paul's children are big fans of the show, and while the four of us(Paul, Per, and Trevor) were riding down an old railway bed we all pretended to be characters from the show.  I was Henry, Paul was Thomas, Per was Percy, and Trevor was.....drawing a blank here.  Let me consult the well written and hilarious Two Wheels On My Wagon.  Ah yes. Trevor was James.

Thanks to Paul and Catherine Howard.  And especially Molly, Benjamin, Thomas, and Freddie.

I will do my best to get Henry all the way to Antelope Wells

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Anonymous said...

Fond memories!

Years ago, when my boys were little, they too were fans of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Luck in 2010!!

See you in Banff

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