Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 24 - 25 Abiquiu to Albuquerque

I woke up at 4 am and threw up. Then back to sleep for a few hours. We had breakfast and I barely ate my pancakes. We rode(an agonizing mile) to the general store. I wandered around in a daze and then threw up again. It was Sunday, the store owner said he could take care of me if it was a big deal. I thanked him and said I would just stay in the hotel another night(spensive).

We said out goodbye's, and good lucks, and parted ways.
I pretty much knew that was it.
I went back and tried to rest and ice my knee but could really do that. I tried to eat crackers and Gatorade, but I couldn't keep that down. I couldn't even keep down water. So I tossed and turned and watched Ice Road Truckers. Truly mind numbing.

I woke up on Monday and rode up to the store and a guy gave me a ride to Alburquerque. Nice guy.

I wasn't sad or made or upset. I was quite impressed with myself that I made it that far. Maybe in 2010?.....

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Chris Murray said...

Hey Stephen, this is Chris, I sold you the aero bars at the cross race last year. Just saw on MTBR you plan on doing the tour divide again this year if I read correctly. If so I would love to ask your advise on some things and see if you would like someone to train with since we both live in knoxville. If you could send me an email at when you get the chance.


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