Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 1 - 70 miles - Banff Hotel to Cabin

Woke up and had a nice breakfast. Sat around and waited for the start. Met more folks and checked out different gear. Started off nice and easy. Rode with Cricket, who thru-hiked the AT in '96. That is her real name. I was worried about getting hypothermia in my bivy, but she reassured me that I would be fine. Met Eric from Washington; a programmer. Caught up with Trevor but was barely with in eyeshot of him. Saw 3 rams, a moose and a grizzly. I was coming up a hill and saw some bikers point at me. "why?" I thought. I turned around and saw bear ass heading into the woods. Parked at the visitors center at the top and saw the bear again. Cought up with Jacob and road to a quick stop. Saw Trevor again, and the Italians. Couple of serious climbs and awesome downhills; then Jacob's rack broke. I figured it would break, but not so soon. The downhills were very bad though. He managed to lash everything to his handlebars for a day or two. Eventually he found a system that worked quite well. We decided to stop at the Cabin.

Can you blame me?
It looked like rain, and I didn't want to push too hard on the first day. I had enough energy to make a fire, so it was nice and cozy(very hot on the top bunk). Two more guys showed up, I forget their names, one from Flagstaff, and the other from Lexington KY. Honestly I though someone would have been there before us.

I'll post a few images that are relevant to the story; for the rest see my flickr page on the right.

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