Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 5 - 123 miles - Tom's house to Seeley Lake

Awesome day!
Spent the morning on pavement/gravel flats. Stopped at a lodge for lunch(at 5). They were in between lunch and dinner, but cooked us lunch anyway. That was the start of people being generous to use. Climbed up Richmond peak. Nice and long, rode with Trevor.

Had to dismount and walk through the snow. On our right was snow and on the left we were barely on the trail. We could ride every now and then, but bashed our shins with small trees. Per even jammed a tree between his crank and frame! The downhill was bad ass. Little jumps the whole way on nice single track. Began the descent as it was getting dark. I of course, was first to the smooth road. I ditched my bag, put on my jacket, and wired up my lights. Another fast descent on a smooth(for once) fire road. I stopped at an intersection and waited. While I stood there I jingled my bear bell. I didn't know if bears were attracted to light or not so I turned them off. Per caught up with me and said that Jacob had a flat(first of many).

We all road into Seely Lake at midnight. Skipped the hotel and made a b line for the bar. Another awesome person, made roast beef for Jacob and Trevor. The best they ever had they said. Per and I carried some heavy food so we ate what we had. Woke up the night attendant at the hotel and passed out.

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zenmonki said...

Did you finish your adventure? The ride looked great and you really seemed to be cranking out the miles.

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