Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2 - 124 miles - Cabin to another Cabin

Left earlyish, but not as early as I would have preferred. Made it to Elkford for 2nd breakfast. I was soaked from sweat, which would bother me for the whole trip. I was freezing from the descent. The local diner/gas station was amazing though. Very nice people asking about the race and wishing us luck. They had a space heater too! The server gave us a free brownie for the road. Nice long climb out of town and another 30 miles to the next town. Stopped in Sparwood to resupply. Rode a very hard 54 miles with a headwind, to stay at another cabin. It was full with Trevor, Per, and the Italians, but there was another cabin with a mosquito free porch. I slept there for the night and Jacob pitched his tent.
Not bad for the second day.

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