Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 4 - 111 miles - Eurika to Tom's house

Caught up with Per and Trevor. They camped out and got wet. Per stayed in a Montana Hilton; a privy. Trevor pitched his tent. After riding with them for a few miles we all noticed a nice big pavilion at another campground. Opportunity missed. Nice big climb, felt very good. Another awesome downhill. They turned out to be my specialty. Free momentum, why not? Got worse with our first encounter of snow. Very annoying to walk and slip down in snow and push a bike. Stopped in Whitefish and ate way too much pizza. Burned my lips too. Stocked up in Columbia Falls and had a very uncomfortable ride to Tom's house. Riding on a full stomach is not fun. Tom was an old road biker, very nice guy. Even made his own bikes for his sons who were national racers at one point. He let the four of us stay in his barn.

Jacob on the left and Per on the right

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