Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 6 - 78 miles? - Seeley Lake to a Campsite

Woke fairly late since we were out riding late.
Had a nice big breakfast at the chicken place and bought groceries.
Well after all that, I needed to go to the bathroom, but there were no public places so I scooted off to the woods, and wound up passing the road back to the trailhead. I don't know what was more worrisome, being lost, losing the guys, or the bathroom issue. Well I found the trail and scurried off. Then sat around and waited for the guys for about 15 minutes. Jacob had a flat.

I knew I should written all this down sooner, my memory is fading.
This may have been the day Jacob and I hauled lots of ass. Who knows. Wish every day was like that.

We made it to Lincoln in the afternoon for burgers and beer. Nice little bar. I was sitting by the crazy old guy. I can't wait to become one of those; sitting in the bar talking to anyone. Ran into Steve, he was hurting and taking the day off, and thinking about giving it up. Also ran into Ron. His knees hurt, and he was talking about giving up as well.

Picked up groceries in the local shop, and noticed this:

I guess they don't really get stale.

We did a little extra riding in Lincoln, when we missed the one stoplight!
Back to the woods to ride a section that's listed as "extrmely steep uphill". Total misnomer. It was just like riding in east TN, rocky and rooty. I loved it. I rode way more than I walked, and was very happy about that. But that didn't last very long. I had to push up the last bit with Trevor(he walked less) to the 1st Continental Divide crossing. Trevor and I foolishly pushed up damn near to the top of the mountain, not realizing the trail immediately went down. We flew downhill to find Per and Jacob at a fire near a stream. Perfect! First night to sleep outside.

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