Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 9 - 40 miles - Wise River to High Country Lodge

Worst Day ever!
Sorry no photos.
Woke up to rain, which worried me. I was afraid of hypothermia.
We set out on a road which wasn't bad it wasn't raining that much.
Pretty soon I started getting colder and colder. We were passing so many people in campers and tents along side the road. I was very depressed and wanted to just hop in a warm bed.
This would be the first and last time I would enjoy hills. They warmed me up. Pretty soon I couldn't feel from my shoulders down. Not good considering the downhill winding section(still on road) into Polaris. Jacob rode with me to Elkhorn and encouraged me a whole bunch. We stopped at the hot springs place. Per and Trevor weren't there. I grabbed some coffee and bothered a couple for a ride to town, they laughed. I wasn't joking. Jacob said hey, it's just a few more miles to the country store. So we rode on. Shivering the whole way. We stopped at Ma Barnes Country Market. She was nice, and from Mississippi. I asked her and her friend for a ride to Butte and offered to pay too. No dice, and they didn't know anyone going to town that day. Thank god! I would have quit and that would have been the worst decision ever. Turns out the the local inn was closed, but there was a local lodge that Ma called ahead about. She left a message. Jacob-"it's just one more mile"
The good news of the stop I discovered a delicious peanut bar snack. I gotta find a picture somewhere. It was amazing.

So we rode another mile to the Lodge and a nice old lady answered. "hi Ma called and left a message" "oh I don't answer the phone this is my daughter's place she'll be back soon"
We came in and drip dried and the lady brought us some towels and coffee and cookies. We dried off and warmed up. The owners came back from their trip. Super nice people. They put us up and brought out a nice lunch spread.

As we were setting up in popped Per and Trevor. The rode up to a house but found no one home, and then saw a house with someone on the porch. The guy let them in, gave them coffee and oatmeal. They wound up napping with the dog in front of a fire. After that they looked up our spot units and tracked us down.

We spent the rest of the day napping and watching tv. I figured I'd stay another day if it was raining. Awesome dinner.

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